United Commonwealth of Pazistan and Cianistan

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United Commonwealth of Pazistan and Cianistan


Ad populum felicitatem nobis contendunt (Latin: For people’s prosperity, we strive)
Sex Bomb, by Tom Jones
1st Squad of Pazistan.JPG
Cardiff, Wales
Capital city Pazistan City
Largest city La Bastion
Official language(s) English, Welsh
Official religion(s) Secularist, Meirionism
Short name Pazistan
Demonym Pazistani
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarch HIM James II
- Prime Minister Cai Parry
Legislature Pazistani National Assembly
- Last election - 03/12/2018
Established 2018
Area claimed 16 km2
Population 12 (as of 2017 census)
Currency Pazistani Puero
Time zone GMT/BST
National sport Tetris
National animal Eagle
Patron saint St. Athro MM, St. Keri Evans

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The United Commonwealth of Pazistan and Cianistan was a simulationist micronation founded in 2018. It had been an Autonomously Governed Nation within the Aspen Empire since 12 March 2019 A secessionist Commonwealth of Pazistan Was built on the foundations of this nation.


The name 'Pazistan' is derrived from the name of the first King of the Kingdom of Pazistan from 2017-18: King Paz


Pazistan was founded around a small hole dug in the capital, Pazistan City in early 2017. After a while 3 nations arose around the crater, Pazistan, Cianistan, and Dazakhstan, but these eventually united under a communist government. The hole eventually grew into a small crater, and the Union Of Pazistani Socialist Republics was formed with Chairman Cian at it's head. The nation flourished for many weeks and had 3 different chairmen, Chairman Cian, Chairman Daf, and Chairman Paz. The government eventually collapsed in a Coup, resulting in a military dictatorship, and an eventual monarchy, with King Paz as reigning monarch.

The beginning of what is known as the Democratic Era, was an unstable change for Pazistan, after the king declared a Constitutional Monarchy, soon after, the Parliament overthrew the King and formed an anarchist nation, closely followed by the Conistan and Dazakhstan Uprising, where the anarchists joined the new democratic state to fight the insurgents as Cianistan on 3 December 2018.

Dazakhstan eventually surrendered and revoked their claim, Conistan was fully annexed on the 3rd of December 2018 and is currently under joint control between Pazistan and Cianistan, although a small amount of it is controlled by Conistani Liberation Front insurgents.

Government and politics

Pazistan, in it's current form, upholds many parts of the constitution of the previous Kingdom of Pazistan and the Republic of Pazistan.

Cianistan was an autonomous region which declared independence in on March 27, 2019 and is run by the Cianistani Council.

Foreign Relations

The nation entered talks with the Aspen Empire and Chrononia in late November 2018. During the Conistani Uprising, former King of Dazakhstan Dafydd I, surrendered after a series of military victories against Conistani Liberation Front fighters. Cianistani tensions are rising after a declaration of independence

Law and order

Typical punishment is court ordered community service or a fine.

Geography and climate

Being located in Wales, it rains. A lot. Quite apt really, when you conciser that the nation boarders With the far side of the river Taff.


Pazistan's main exports are salt and beef, due to large deposits that have been discovered in it's citizens hearts.

It's main currency is the Pazistani Puero, but also accepts USD GBP and the Apen Dollar.


The main religion in Pazistan, is Meirionism, with it's followers worshipping the Lord Meirion Powell, and his messengers St. Matthew Mathias and St. Keri Peter Evans, who spread "Y geiriau mawr" (The Big Words) which are "Diogelwch" (Safety) and "Moodle 2".

The people also have a remembrance day for 'J-Dog', who was tragically killed in a terrorist attack in April 2018.


The public broadcasting service in Pazistan is the Pazistani Broadcasting Authority (PBA). It broadcasts outstanding quality shows such as The Scoop Review, and repeats of the_pazter YouTube videos from 6 A.M. to 11:30 P.M. Daily.

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