Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics of Legalia

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Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics of Legalia
União das Repúblicas Socialistas Soviéticas da Legália (Portuguese)
Flag of Legalia
Coat of arms of Legalia
Coat of arms
"Workers of the world, unite!"
"Trabalhadores do mundo, uni-vos!"
Anthem: "A Internacional"
"The Internationale"
and largest city
Official languages
Religion(2021)Secular state
GovernmentUnitary one-party republic
• Premier
Benjamin Azoulay
14 October 2021
28 October 2021
• 2021 estimate
CGSC (2021)Steady 1.00
CurrencyReal (R$)a (BRL)
Time zoneBRT (UTC−3)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theleft
Calling code+55
Internet TLD.sl
  1. The USSRL has no official currency. The Brazilian Real is used as common currency.

The Soviet Legalia, officially Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics of Legalia is a virtualist enclaved micronation claiming an online and virtual territory, an has an active population of one person with promissing talks to earn more citizens. The capital city of Kosyngrad is the only and, obviously, most populated city of the country. It has the Portuguese as native language, while the English is widely regarded as a working language.

The micronation was born following several ideals of its founder, Benjamin Azoulay, a Brazilian micronationalist and former citizen of the Holy Empire of Réunion for more then a decade. The USSRL was created as a [not much serious] micronation to exercise the founder's ideas on how a communist state works. The project was first imagined as a duchy, but the majority of monarchies was an aspect that Azoulay wanted to avoid. Other ideas were to create the "Ingrian Republic" and the "Bermontese Duchy", all previous thoughts dated on early October 2021. According to its head of state, the government is defined as an Unitary one-party republic of communist character.

Legalia's economy is based on nothing, since it's a virtualist-communist micronation. Actually, it relies totally on it's head of states own resources.


The idea behind the name was legality, the origin of the law and the state combined. So, it's possible to say the meaning of the name is Land of Law.


Benjamin Azoulay, an experienced micronationalist, wished to create his own project after a whole micronational existence in the Holy Empire of Réunion, where he developed several projects and occupied several political offices, on his own words. After a brief revival, Réunion activities doesn't appel to him and under a different name, he imagined for the very first time, create his own project.

Early October 2021, he first elaborated the "Bermontese Duchy", but it lacked substance and real inspiration. Then, imagining a republican micronation, he drafted an "Ingrian Republic", based in a short-lived state during the Russian Civil War, what proved to be a lasting inspiration. Another monarchical idea showed up as the "Legalian United Duchy", also based in another short-lived state during the First World War.

Not totally convinced of this monarchical initiative, Azoulay merged the ideas he liked the most and was established the Soviet Legalia. His first acts was to assume the head of state of Legalia and to send treaties of recognition to other micronations from Latin America. One of the answers came from Karnia-Ruthenia, that helped Azoulay with the national symbols, yet not established relations with the Empire. Another micronation that showed interest in establish diplomatic relations was the Republic of Moriel.


Since it is a virtual micronation, there's no geography per se, but it's considered its territory the online pages on the USSRL.

Government and politics

It was imagined three power hierarchies in USSRL: the Supreme Soviet, the government and the Communist Party, the only legal party and the final policymaker in the country. However, considering the lack of citizens, the Supreme Leader of the USSRL, the Premier, is both head of state and government and head of the Comunist Party.


Considering USSRL itself a "perfect communist state", and for this reason, Legalian government understand the law as a tool of "bourgeois domination and a reflection of bourgeois values" and, as a tool "to maintain class domination", in a classless society, law inevitably disappear. Regardless the fact it can be considered an humorous point of view for a country named after the word law, it is exercised directly by the head of state.


The Armed Forces of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Legalia is the cerimonial armed forces of the micronation. Existent just in the field of ideas, it wasn't officially established to date. Its Chief of the General Staff is the Premier of the USSRL.

Foreign policy

The plan for foreign policy was to be set by the commission on the Foreign Policy of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, but considering the lack of citizens, it turned to be another responsability of the head of state, that always made the final policy decisions.


The USSRL adopted a planned economy, whereby production and distribution of goods were centralized and directed by the government. Considering the fact that Legalian economy relies totally on it's head of states own resources, it is plausible to say the Legalian economy barely exists.


According to data from the 2021 USSRL census, the population of the Sovietic Legalia was 100% White Brazilians, with a 100% of atheist citizens.

Race and ethnicity

The Soviet Legalia was one of the world's least ethnically diverse countries, with just one national ethnicity living within its borders.


The USSRL is a secular state since its beggining, in which religion was largely discouraged.


The national language is Portuguese, but English and Spanish are used for diplomatic purposes.


There is freedom and artists can experiment different styles to find a distinctive Lgealian style of art under the doctrines of communism and socialism.

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