Union of Soviet Socialist Henillion Republics

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Union of Soviet Socialist Henillion Republics

USSHR Flag Fixed Seal.jpg
USSHR Seal Fixed.jpg
Coat of arms

Развивайте народный союз [Grow the People's Union]
"Давайте расти союз" ["Let's grow the Union"]
The Soviet Nation is our grateful land
USSMR Location.jpg
Location of the USSHR
Capital cityAlbuquerque (Sedimenya)
Largest citySedimenya
Recognised languagesEnglish, Russian, Navajo, Spanish
GovernmentOne-party dictatorship
- Vice DictatorTsenelkik Zaklevik
- DictatorRalph Nevkeylem
- ChiefLesminks Teklek
- SpeakerForrest Kerpinsky
- GeneralDennis Jackson
- Upper HouseUzhimakov Yeshikuv
- Lower HouseZhikov Khelishuk
- Last election - 2021
EstablishedApril 14th 2021
CurrencySoviet MiniVeet ruble (MR)
GDP (nominal)$2.2 trillion
National sportFootball
National animalCoyote
SHMF plans to wipe out a city in Hugia

The Union of Soviet Socialist Henillion Republics (Russian: Союз Советской Социалистической Гениллионной Республики), also known as the USSHR, is a micronation located in New Mexico and Arizona. The population of the USSHR is 21 million as of 2021.


The USSHR was created on April 14, 2021. It was preceded by the Union of Soviet Socialist MiniVeet Republics and was created due to MiniVeet changing his name to Henillion.

Foreign relations

USSHR Hated Hugia because it attacked its allies Chad and Sudan, they also have frozen relations with Cheeselandia. USSHR hates Henillion because he was American. They Dislike AMAC Assembly of Micronations Against Communism. They strongly love Gojang.

Armed forces

The armed forces of the USSHR comprises around 1.2 million soldiers, 5,982 tanks, 2,335 naval vessels, 1,305 helicopters and 4,358 warheads.