URoK Special Election, December 13-14

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The December 13–14 United Republic of Kwajalein Special Election was a controversial event in the history of the URoK. Following the signing of Executive Order 003 by REDACTED, a snap election was called to elect a new President

Declared candidates


 -Founder and Chairperson of the Oligarchy Party
 -First Representative of Imperium Habiatoni
 -Second Secretary-General of the URoK

Declined to be a candidate


 -Founder of the URoK
 -First President of the URoK
 -Second Representative for Ocean Road District
 -Third Cahirperson of the Liberal Party


 -First Representative of Ocean Road District
 -First Education-General of the URoK


 -Chairperson of the Liberal Party
 -Mandate Representative for Palm District
 -Second Representative of LPH District
 -Third President of the URoK