Tsardom of Severny

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Tsardom of Severny
Tsardom of Severny.png
Severny Arms.jpg

Capital cityNikolagrad
Official language(s)English, Russian
- TsarTsar Nicholas
Established1 February 2021
Disestablished15 June 2021
Population19 (at time of disbanding)

The Tsardom of Severny was a nation-state within the Empire of Agber that was founded on 1 February 2021. Severny was the second nation to be born out of the Call to Sovereignty initiative, and based its identity around the traditions of late Grand Duchy of Moscow and the early Tsardom of Russia. The nation was formed as an enclave within the British Columbia region of Canada, with its seat of power being known as the Spruce Throne.


Severny was initially proposed as a part of the Call to Sovereignty initiative, in late 2020, by former Carthage citizen and current Tsar, Nicholas.

The nation was established with the intent of it being a fully formed idea from day one. Tsar Nicholas' debut of Severny was accompanied by what he called the серьезная работа (Romanized as Seryoznaya Rabota, which translates roughly to "the earnest work" in English). This existed as a series of 138 royal decrees published at once. These decrees totaled more than a thousand pages and covered a myriad of topics, which included: traffic rules; public health measures; establishing orders of chivalry; naming advisors and appointees; creation of a national recycling program; admonishing other nations and leaders on a number of matters of state; outlining symbols and holidays; cementing Severnii heraldic traditions; even banning political parties.

Severny wound up being incredibly short-lived. In June 2021, Tsar Nicholas announced that his family would be relocating to the Toronto area the next month, and that he would be dissolving the nation as a result. He stated a likelihood of returning to Agber as a head of state, but was uncertain if this would be a retooling of Severny, or a brand new venture entirely. The effective date of the disbanding of Severny was announced as 15 June 2021.


Severny was ruled by a Tsar. An outline for provinces and lower levels of government existed, but Tsar Nicholas stated he preferred to wait until people deemed themselves worthy of such leadership by merit, rather than simply appointing such leaders based on "arbitrary reasons or favoritism." This did not happen during Severny's short existence.

Kalzas Colony

Kalzas Colony
Kalzas Colony.png
Kalzas Arms.jpg

Established8 April 2021
Disestablished15 June 2021

On 20 March 2021, Tsar Nicholas announced the pending acquisition of a "colonial holding." This colony was eventually revealed to be land held by Tsar Nicholas' family in the Yukon region of Canada, named Kalzas for the region in which it lies. Tsar Nicholas declared that Kalzas Colony would have a unique subculture within Severny, aimed at honoring First Nations peoples, a demographic he himself fell under due to his mother being a part of the Squamish people. Kalzas colony was officially dissolved alongside Severny on 15 June 2021.

Orders of Chivalry of the Archduchy of Verdura

Severny hadtwo order of chivalry. The higher of these, the Most Honored Polar Order of the White Bear, was limited to 5 Knights/Dames Grand Cross, 10 Knights/Dames Commander, and 20 Knights/Dames. The lower of these, the Most Hallowed and Virtuous Order of St. Nicholas, had no limits on membership for its lower two ranks: Member and Knight/Dame. The rank of Knight/Dame Grand Cross for the Order of St. Nicholas was limited to no more than 15 members.

In addition to these orders, Severny officially recognized all awards from the Empire of Agber, and those honors superseded those of Severny.

Order Name Established Classes/Ranks Awarded For Notes
Most Honored Polar Order of the White Bear 1 February 2021 Knight/Dame Grand Cross (limited to 5)
Knight/Dame Commander (limited to 10)
Knight/Dame (limited to 20)
Service to the Tsardom
Most Hallowed and Virtuous Order of St. Nicholas 1 February 2021 Knight/Dame Grand Cross (limited to 15)
Knight/Dame Commander
Service to the Tsardom