Trial of Daniel Hill

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Daniel Stephen Hill, one of the most famous men in the Union of Micronational Allies, he was a tyrannical man, constantly causing trouble for the Union of Micronational Allies and all its member states. He has been a thorn in the side of the Union for many years and in the last few years has brought the Union to its knees and even causing a rebellion, and plotting against its leaders. He has assumed many titles: King of Misthasia from October 2007 - March 2008 and Supreme Senator of Anzacia October 2008, before overthrowing the government and taking the title of King of Anzacia November - December 2008. He took a once-wealthy Anzacia into an Anzacia borrowing large sums of money from others to wage wars. He was even found to have physically harmed one of his staff members.


The list of offences is ongoing and now the Union has decided to punish him in the highest way that they can legally do, the Union has decided, upon his capturing to give him a life banning from any interference with the Union of Micronational Allies, its members and its client states. They have also banned anyone in his bloodline from interfering also. The Kingdom of Anzacia shall never e allowed to deal with the Union, its members and client states while it is in the control of his family line or his colleagues. His name shall be blackened and shall try to stop other organisations and nations to stop dealing with him, for their own good.