Province of Anzacia

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Province of Anzacia
Anzacia Provincial flag2.pngAnzacian Provincial Flag
Type of entity: Occupying Camurian Authorities
Location: Eastern isles, Scilly
Area claimed: 8 acres
Membership: 14 permanent residents
Date of foundation: 23 November 2008 (1 January 1994)
Leadership: King Ian the Great
Language: English
Purported currency: Camista
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The Kingdom of Anzacia was founded by Daniel Hill on 23 November 2008 after a massive reformation to the Republic of Anzacia to try and keep the country secure in the recent civil war.

On 31 January 2009, the Kingdom of Anzacia fell and is now under the occupation of the Kingdom of Camuria and the Camurian Empire

History of Anzacia

The founding of the first Kingdom of Anzacia

The First Kingdom was founded by Sean Dougherty on 1 January 1994, when he was on holiday on England's south coast. He went to the isles of Scilly and after a small 'siege' with his two friends and brother he claimed the islands of Great Ganilly and raised a small flag on the top. He declared himself King of Anzacia and carpenters arrived on the island building small homes for his future 'citizens'. He came to an agreement when he took care of the island for the British government in 1993 and declared it fully independent on new years day 1994. King Sean died in 1998, leaving his son, Peter to the trone. Peter was declared King on 2 October 1998, he formed an order named the Kinshar, who he ordered to keep the peoples of Anzacia supressed and under control, the order became famous for being the representation of Pure evil in the world and after the great supression, when the Kinshar blocked the port, they broke into peoples houses and took anything of value in the name of the King. The order were given the King's castle and the Master of the Kinshar ruled in the name of the absent King. Famous for his decorative black armour and robes he regurly had the people of the islands houses raided for weapons or valuble items.

The Christmas war

Six out of the ten full time residents of Anzacia blocked the harbour and forced their way into the Lighthouse with two men ingured. The King was forbidden to enter the island and left on 27 December 1999. Shortly after the King's ex-advisor, Mark Steel set up a government to keep order.

The birth of the Republic

On 8 January 2000 Mark Steel declared the old Kingdom of Anzacia, 'The Republic of Anzacia' and declared himself High Senator, he passed the law that every four years a new government has to be voted in for democratic peace and that the three main partys would be the Socialists, Democrats and the Liberals. High Sentor Steel founded the Liberal party on 10 January 2000, Mr Henry Richardson founded the Socialists on the 11 January 2000 and Mr John Bonaham founded the Democrats on 16 January 2000. High Senator Steel ruled until 2004 when he was voted out and the Socialist party voted in.

The Polskan war and Civil war

The war against the former Kingdom of Polska was declared 2:03pm on 8 november 2008, At this time the current supreme senator Henry Richardson had recently asigned Daniel hill (former king of the micronation Misthasia) new foreign affairs and defence Minister, who is now Supreme Senator of Anzacia. During the war there where was some civil disorder which lead to civil uprising and there was an attack at the home of the Supreme Senator which was the cause of his murder or so we believe. The Polskan war ended 8:55pm 22 November 2008 after the surrender of the Polskan's last Fort on the South isle and the Civil war broke out arter a Kinshar rebellion on 22 November just after the Polskan war ended.

The Second Kingdom of Anzacia

At the funeral of Supreme Senator Henry Richardson's will was read out it and stated that Daniel hill(Foreign affairs and defence minister) was to become the new Supreme Senator, but after the breakout of the civil war, parliament gave emergency powers to the Supreme Senator and he and parliament decided to rebuild the Kingdom of Anzacia for a safer and secure society.

The Court of Seven

The Court of Seven was founded by Queen Megan of Anzacia and Vice-Roy O'Kane, Camuria's representative in Anzacia. They set it up as the government body to control Anzacia and keep the peace. The Court will have 4 members from Camuria, including the Vice-Roy and 3 members from Anzacia. Each of the members shall be appointed by their monarch to the court and the Court shall work under Vice-Roy O'Kane's leadership and the Queen cannot pass any laws in Anzacia without the say so of the Court who also take orders from King Ian the Great of the Kingdom of Camuria.


After the Queen of Anzacia ordered all Camuria supporters to be taken Camuria invaded due to the request of the Anzacian People and the people helped overthrow the Queen's supporters. Anzacia is now a Province of the Kingdom of Camuria and her Empire.

Preceded by: Camurian Occupation Succeded by: [[File:|30x30px]]
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