Trent Farrar

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Trent, Farrar
1st Presidente of the Virtuan Alliance Republic
Assumed office
12th January 2014
Vice-President Mark Wright
Political party Democratic
Personal information
Born 13 February 1999 (1999-02-13) (age 23)
Augusta, Maine, United States
Citizenship Virtuan Alliance Republic
Nationality American
Political party Democratic
Residence Republic City, Garretsburg
Religion Deist (current)

Presidente Trent was the first leader of the V.A.R. and the founder of it as well. He in 2013 with several comrades created the V.A.R. as a game but it blossomed into a full scale country in 2014.

Regular life

Presidente Trent was born on 13 February 1999 and in American hospital in the state of Maine. He was named Trent, after the famous musician Trent Reznor, from the band "Nine Inch Nails" he grew up in the state of Maine in a town called Plymouth. He lived there till he founded the V.A.R. in 2013 and he now resides there to this day but he goes to an American high school. He had many mental health issues as a child, he was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age and was put on medication immediately. He later grew out of this mental disorder and now lives a mild happy life.


Trent was elected the first president of his nation on 12 January 2014 and ruled until his defeat in the 2015 elections. During his presidency he formed the government and its ideologies. He also made the money system and he started many wars which the V.A.R. lost all of them except the independence war of 2014.


After his defeat in the elections, Trent became the first ambassador for the VAR and was dubbed "Honorable Ambassador Trent" or "HAT" for short.