Virtuan Alliance Republic

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The Virtuan Alliance Republic (VAR) is a micronation based in the United States in the state of Maine. It was founded in 2013 as of January 5 which was announced as "Darktobers day". Although it is mainly a small nation, it has made multiple international connections with several prominent micronations such as the infamously silly Aerican empire, as well as several neighboring and local nations.


Virtuan Alliance Republic

"Ad Virtuan Et Glorium
"Virtuan my brother"
Plymouth, Maine U.S.A
Capital cityFarrarsburg
Largest cityCocoon
Official language(s)English/Afrikaans/Virtuan
Official religion(s)Deism/secular
Short nameVirtuan
LegislatureAristocratic council
Area claimed3 acres
Population10 census from 2015
CurrencyVirtuan Ration
Time zoneeastern standard
National sportGriffball
National animalRed Falcon
Patron saintArk of joan/ Saint Nicholas

The VAR was originally six different nations who fought over land and power in a small village in Maine. These were the nations of Arkham, West Vikesland, Canjin Republic, Fascist province of Radsville,and among a few others, the DPRF or the Democratic People's Republic of Farrarsburg. In 2013 on January 1 the nations decided to settle their disputes once and for all via using the pink slip method. The war lasted until January 5 and ended with the DPRF winning a close and costly battle. The nation's resigned and the DPRF renamed the region the Virtuan Empirical Alliance or (VEA). The nation was renamed after the first month of the provisional government's formation. The maintenance of the nation requires constant policing as well as a large workforce who are willing to build infrastructure and enforce laws.

Warring states period

The VAR has not entirely stayed in a unified state. The WSP or "warring States Period" occurred in 2014 when vice president Mark Write attempted an overthrow of the republic's government. This caused 4 out of the 6 commonwealths to become a separate federation and a war ensued for a month. The war ended with the separatists losing and the vice president being banished from the nation.

Civil disputes of law

In 2015 multiple lawsuits were brought up against the government for infringing Freedom law IV, the law states that "All peoples are equal in the eyes of law." This lawsuit was brought up when the government imprisoned Charles, Mcmann over releasing Robert, Macelson Jr. for their political views. The lawsuits were dropped when both were eventually imprisoned under separate crimes.

ANTIFA riots

The VAR was plagued by riots during the 2016-2017 presidential elections in the USA. This increase of violence made the government take drastic actions to ensure no more violence would break out. Martial law was announced and several Virtuan citizens as well as a few passersby's were injured by the rioters. In 2017 the ANTIFA returned with BAMN and members of the BLM to protest in charlottesville and clashed with descendants of civil war soldiers,a few VAR news reporters were injured by the clashing factions.