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Grand Republic of Travarcia
A cool Travarcian Flag.pngNew Coat Of Arms Of Travarcia.png

Humour, Laughter and Order.
Small but Strong
Capital cityRelaxica
Largest cityAvalonian log
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Babylonian
- KingMerle Sgwan
LegislatureTravarcia commission
- Type - Unicameral
Established18 March 2018
Area claimedUnmeasured
CurrencyMercury, Sols
Time zoneUTC (Travarcian mean time)
National sportRoll-ball
National animalPlatypus
Patron saintSaint Flosellus

Travarcia or the Grand Republic of Travarcia is a micronation in the historic town of Lewes. It was founded by Merle Sgwan, William Kihlstrom and Alfred Harrison on 18 March 2018. They appointed themselves different political figures and started building the nation. The history of Travarcia is split up into periods of time with no exact dates splitting them.


On the 18th of March 2018, Alfred Harrison, Merle Sgwan and William Kihlstrom started the Grand Republic of Travarcia, based in seven provinces.


The Early Bellum Period

Travarcia's first war was the log war. This occurred when the early Travarcians claimed ownership over a log that had been already claimed by a group of micronationalits named 'The Wolf-kittens'. The war ended when one of them was injured by a Travarcian official. The log was then agreed to be kept off-limits and was later nicknamed, by the leader of Basillia, a no-man's land.

The Gibblesian war was a war over the ownership of the Travarcian region of Avalon. It lasted a couple of days, with Travarcia coming out victorious. After the Gibblesian War, three states were merged to avoid conflict. President Merle Sgwan was at the helm for other wars including the Mishland war. (See Travarcian Territories.) It was also soon after this when Alex Pilot was crowned king of Travarcia as a constitutional monarch by founding father, William Kihlstrom, although, most of the population was oblivious to this.


Mishland was created by two Travarcian citizens who wanted to avoid Travarcian conflict, despite them starting the Mishland war. Another micronation that broke off from Travarcia is Basillia The two founders of Basillia were inexplicably disgusted by the way Travarcia ran its country.(With a president) They decided to make a country that had no leader, and everyone was equal and made decisions. (See socialism) The sudden uprising of micronations around Travarcia made the president not want a repeat of Mishland. He created an alliance of micronations that broke off from Travarcia to keep the peace. Basillia thrived for a while with no more than five citizens until one of the founders attacked a Travarcian official. This Basillian founder had remained citizen of Basillia and Travarcia. Basillia did not have a punishment system except for exile, so the founder was exiled from Basillia and put on trial. He was punished by the vice president, who threw a wad of grass at him. (A traditional Travarcian punishment)


The first act of terrorism committed in Travarcia was from the co-founder of Basillia. This led to his exile from both Basillia and Travarcia, which led to the immediate creation of Bournville. The whole situation inspired 2 Travarcian citizens (one of them being the person who was attacked by the co-founder of Basillia) to join together and form an unamed terrrorist duo. This duo is still causing problems in Travarcia to this day, for example leading the short-lived Wakanda into battle against Travarcia.

The Late Bellum Period

The Carrot War

The Carrot War was when a short lived nation known as Wakanda, based on a fictional Marvel land. It claimed the Travarcian province of Avalon as its own. The Travarcians defended themselves well, and Wakanda went out like a candle.

The Battle of the Field

The battle of the field was not against a single group, but 5 different groups attacking Travarcia all at the same time. The groups included: The terrorrist group, Wakanda, the Bournevillians, a group who robbed countless travarcian citizens of their belongings, the Narnians (this was one of their first acts after betraying Travarcia)and lastly a small group who stayed at one stump and occasionally attacked some Travarcian citizens.

The Narnian War

A group of "activists" known as the Narnians launched many attacks on Travarcia and were reportedly the most worthy opponent so far. The Narnians were evaded by dozens of waves of Travarcian attacks, and the aforementioned micronational alliance got involved too. The Narnians also tried to take the Travarcian treaty-divisions; the captured Bournville, which caused a territory dispute in Basillia, as the Bournvillian president claimed Basillia's land as their own. It was difficult for the Travarcian president at the time, (Gus Adams) was struggling to fight off the Narnians and sort out the territory dispute, so send the micronational alliance to fix the Bournville/Basillia territory dispute. It ended well, with that land becoming no-man's land, and forbidden to claim of Bournville and Basillia.

The Post-Bellum Period

The beginning of the Post-Bellum Period was the dust settling from all the wars that had been plaguing Travarcia in the Bellum Period. Although Gus Adams had been president during the Narnian war, this new era really marked the beginning of his presidency. The Treatywealth became much more peaceful and organised. The committee frequently sorted out land disputes between Bourneville and Basillia. The Post-Bellum Period was the shortest period so far.

The Early Travaforming Period

Travarcia is currently in the midst of the Early Travaforming Period, and the land that Avalon lies on is in peril.


1. President Merle Sgwan (1 term)

2. President Gus Adams (Less than a term)

A military coup occured, in which Gus Adams was removed as president and replaced by Emperor for life Merle Sgwan. A second coup was attempted, in which Lord McKenzie was to be installed as the new Emperor, but this soon fizzled out.

The Flag Designs

Several designs of the Travarcian flag were created. The rejected but considered designs are listed here:

Flag Designer
Design1.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.
Design8.png Designed by Jack Delves.
Design2.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.
Design9.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.
Design3.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.
Design10.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.
Design4.png Designed by Sam Wallis
Design11.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.
Design5.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.
Design12.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.
Design6.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.
Design13.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.
Design7.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.
Design14.png Designed by Merle Sgwan.


Provinces of Travarcia
Flag Country Long Name Capital Govenor Nickname
1 Design11.png Central Travarcia Relaxica Merle Sgwan "The Centre of Business"
2 Avylon Flag.png Avalon Avalonian log Gianluca Albertoli / Jonnie Oliver "The epic one"
3 Havelia Flag.png Havelia Germinabunt Gus Adams "The wimpy one"
4 Burloog.png Burloog Stromheim William Kihlstrom "The small but strong Rock of Travarcia"
5 Gordonia.jpg Gordonia Magnificum Terra Alex Smith N/A

(Note: Avalon was not originally a province of Travarcia but, at the beginning of The Log War, Avalon and Travarcia were fighting side by side and William Khilstrom convinced Gianluca Albertoli to join Travarcia as a governor of a new province, which kept the name Avalon.)

Military flags

Travarcian Armada flag. Designed by Jack Delves.

The Stamp of Travarcia

Travarcia has an official postage stamp, designed by Merle Sgwan.

Stamp of T.png

Another stamp, also designed by Merle Sgwan, is dedicated to Avalon.

Stamp of A.png

Both were designed on the 11th September.

Penny Black

On the 12th September a penny black version of the Stamp of Travarcia was designed.

Black Penny Stamp of T.png