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The Travarchives are a huge database of information on Travarcia. It includes citizens, population, medical history, legal records, and much more. The information that comprises the Travarchives are controlled by a number of Travarcian politicians.


Census Records

The Census Records, otherwise known as Paper 4 are kept by Winston Kensington, and comprise a database of the complete population of Travarcia. The database is updated manually on the arrival of a new citizen.

The Conversations of the Upper Government

These were a series of 59 messages between Winston Kensington and Merle Sgwan during the latter's presidency. Most of them consisted of potentia flag designs for Travarcia and its states, while some were in-depth conversations on the politics of the Upper Government.

All Eyes on Bournville

In 2018, The National Film Board of Travarcia attempted to make a documentary about the communist dynasty of Bournville. The NFBT teased it by offering the public a short 30-second clip with a dramatic voice over that ran:

   Bournville! The last bastion...of Stalinism!
   Want me to dig up Karl Marx and prove it?
   In this documentary we delve into the depths of the world's
   last communist dynasty...Bournville!

This was followed by a clip of the logo on the screen. While the camera people of the documentary were in Bournville, they were seized by the Bournvillian Government and held captive for ten days. The Travarcian Government rallied for their release, which the Bournvillian leader eventually agreed to, under the terms that the production of the documentary would be halted. This information was not released to the public until a later documentary about Travarcia, Bournville and Basillia, Microworld.

Only an estimated 23% of the documentary footage was filmed before production was stopped, and so the footage remains in the Travarchives, under "Unfinished.AlleyesonBournville".

La Grande République de Travarcia

This was the plans for a version of the Travarcian Passport and guide for French speakers, which never got off the ground. A few passages got written, such as: lieux de séjour (Places to stay), Les provinces (The Provinces) and there is also a partially written passage entitled, L'histoire de notre grande nation (The History of our Great Nation).

Don't Anger The Duck

This curious document consists of a picture of an angry rubber duck with the words, "Don't Anger The Duck" over and over.

Duck in question.