Transport in Wakanawabla

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Road System

Wakanawablan Road System
Formed 2016
Length .143 km
Country Flag of Wakanawabla.png Wakanawabla
M1 Toll payment
Speed limits

There are 4 groups of roads

  • Motorways(M) - High speed higways. Only PAVED and should be TOLLED
  • Primary(A) - Express routes. Can be paved or unpaved
  • Secondary(B) - Inter-provincial roads. Can be paved or unpaved
Road No. From To Via Lenght(m) Surface Junctions Exits Speed Limit (km/h)
Motway.png M1 Empire Town Industrial City 14 Stone (Paved) 1 J1 - With A1 near Industrial City 35
Expwy.png A1 Wakanawablan-Latvian Border Empire Town 30 Stone (Paved) 3 J1 - With A2/B2 near Empire City. J2 - With B2 in Empire Town. J3 - With U1 before M1 begins. 35 (20 inside Empire Town)
Expwy.png A2 (Empire Town Bypass) Industrial City Intersection with A1/B2 28 Grass (Unpaved) 1 J1 - With A1/B2 near Empire City 25
Tway.png B1 (Industrial Lane) Industrial City SOUTH Industrial City EAST 11 Grass/Gravel (Unpaved) 1 J1 - With M1/A2 in Industrial City EAST 10
Tway.png B2 (National Park Road) Intersection with A1/A2 near Empire Town Empire Town Orchard 39 Grass (Unpaved) 0 25
Tway.png B3 Empire Town Wakanawablan-Latvian Border 12 Grass (Unpaved) 1 J1/J3 - With A1 before M1 begins in Empire Town 15

Speed limits can be lower than showed in offical speed limits, if speed is not safe.

License Plates

The license plates in Wakanawabla are issued by Wakanawablan State Police

Wakanawablan civilian license plate registred in Empire Town

Region list:

Province Code
Empire Town E, ET, EM, EP, ER
Industrial Area I, ID, IA, IT, IS
Agricultural area A, AG, AA, AR, AL
Nat. Park and Orchard O, OR, NP, NA, OC

All vehicles which are registred in Wakanawabla should have a license plate.

Expections applies if vehicle is registred but it should leave Wakanawabla's borders, then vehicle doesn't need to be placed with a license plate.