Kingdom of Wakanawabla

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Kingdom of Wakanawabla
Flag of Wakanawabla.pngEmblem of Wakanawabla.png

God with us
Wknmap.pngKoknese, Latvia
Capital cityEmpire Town
Largest cityEmpire Town
Official language(s)English, Latvian
Official religion(s)none, most population Catholic and Eastern Orthodox
Short nameWakanawabla
GovernmentConstituonal monarchy
- The KingKing Daniel I
- Prime Minister??
LegislatureNational Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 2
- Last election - 23 August 2016
Established22 August 2016
Area claimed2625 sq. m
Population6 (19 with non-citizens)
CurrencyWakanawablan Dollar, Euro.
Time zoneUTC +2 in winter, UTC +3 in summer (DST)
National sport??
National animalBear


The Kingdom of Wakanawabla is a micronation founded on 22 August 2016, by King Daniel I.


In 2016 Wakanawabla was founded by King Daniel I, and he now claims territory of his house's backyard

Government and politics

The government of Wakanawabla is founded as a constituonal monarchy. The head of state is the King. The head of government is Prime Minister. There are 2 seats in National Assembly, the Wakanawablan legistrature.° The National Assembly is elected to 3 months and King is elected until he dies or leaves his post

This is the list of political parties in Wakanawabla

Party Seats Position Chairman
Capitalist 2/2 Center King Daniel I

Law and order

There is no crime in Wakanawabla. Wakanawablan State Police is only branche. These are main laws of Wakanawabla

  • Robbery - Prisoned
  • Terrorism - Prisoned and reported to Latvian Police
  • Major Robbery - Prisoned for 2x the robbery time
  • Sexual Assault - Prisoned and reported to Lativan Police
  • Racism - Racism is not tolerated and will be reported to Latvian Police
  • Bribery - Prisoned

Foreign relations

  • Currently no relations with other micronations are founded
  • Wakanawabla reciognizes all United Nation nations
  • You can freely send e-mails for relations or invitations to alliances to


Millitary is supplied by Wakanawablan State Police. It is neutral in any conflicts, as it wants some relations with other micronations.

Geography and climate

Typical August day, Kingdom border is this gate

The yearly average temperature is +6.5 degrees C

Most hottest is July with +17,2 degrees C average

Most coldest is January with -3,5 degrees C average

The terrain of Wakanawabla is flat


All major provinces of Wakanawabla

Province Budget Population Region
Empire Town Capital Province 4 W$ / 1.60 Euro 5 Central
Industrial Area 3 W$ / 1.20 Euro 1 South-Western
State Nature Reserve and Orchard No funding 0 Northern
Agricultaral District No funding 0 South-Eastern


Main arcticle:Transport in Wakanawabla

M1 Toll payment
Speed limits

There are 4 groups of roads

  • Motorways(M) - High speed higways. Only PAVED and should be TOLLED
  • Primary(A) - Express routes. Can be paved or unpaved
  • Secondary(B) - Inter-provincial roads. Can be paved or unpaved
  • Unclassified(U) - Very low quality roads, also narrow. UNPAVED only
Road No. From To Via Lenght(m) Surface Junctions Exits
Motway.png M1 Empire Town Industrial City 14 Stone (Paved) 1 J1 - With A1 near Industrial City
Expwy.png A1 Wakanawablan-Latvian Border Empire Town 30 Stone (Paved) 3 J1 - With A2/B2 near Empire City. J2 - With B2 in Empire Town. J3 - With U1 before M1 begins.
Tway.png A2 (Empire Town Bypass) Industrial City Intersection with A1/B2 28 Grass (Unpaved) 1 J1 - With A1/B2 near Empire City
Tway.png B1 (Industrial Lane) Industrial City SOUTH Industrial City EAST 11 Grass/Gravel (Unpaved) 1 J1 - With M1/A2 in Industrial City EAST
Tway.png B2 (National Park Road) Intersection with A1/A2 near Empire Town Empire Town Orchard 39 Grass (Unpaved) 0
Tway.png B3 Empire Town Wakanawablan-Latvian Border 12 Grass (Unpaved) 1 J1/J3 - With A1 before M1 begins in Empire Town

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