Transitional State Administration (Fyrinia)

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Transitional State Council
  • Czech:Dočasná státní správa
Flag of Fyrinia.svg
Fyrinia location.png
Location of Fyrinia within Central Europe
Proclaimed capitalBenešov
Largest cityČeské Budějovice
Official languagesEnglish
Recognized languages
GovernmentProvisional government
• President of TSA
Lukaş Çursık
LegislatureTransitional State Administration
• Established
20 August 2019
• Abolished
31 October 2019
• Total
2,746 km2 (1,060 sq mi)
• 2018 estimate
321,880 (174th)
• 2011 census
• Density
117/km2 (303.0/sq mi) (73rd)
Czech Koruna
Driving sideright

The Transitional State Administration (Czech: Dočasná státní správa, TSA) was an interim government body established on 20 August 2019 in order to transform the then-simulationist geofictional Fyrinia into a realistic micronation. The TSA was formed and led by Lukaş Çursık with other members being appointed. Following Fyrinia's development into a pure simulationist entity in 2018 and 2019, intentions to transform the entity into a realistic micronation started after the dissolution of a number of simulationist micronations in the Czech MicroWiki at the beginning of July 2019 and culminated in August 2019 when Fyrinia's main page on English MicroWiki was proposed to be deleted. On 18 September, the TSA approved that it would transfer the power to the democratically elected bodies on 1 November and announced general election would take place on 25–27 October.

The Transitional State Administration claimed the area previously claimed by Fyrinia of an area comprising 2,731 square kilometres bordered by the Czech Republic by the north and north-east, by Austria by its south and Germany by the west and north-west. It was to be the Fyrinia's governing body until 1 November 2019. Before the dissolution of the TSA, the general election was held which ended up Fyrinia's simulationist period. The power in the micronation was transferred to the National Assembly and President on 1 November 2019. The claimed area is controlled by the Czech Republic, and the Transitional State Council is based in Benešov which currently serves as de facto capital of the micronation. Benešov was not considered as a part of Fyrinia until 9 September 2019, when the TSA claimed the area of Benešov and surrounding areas.

It controlled all power (executive, legislature and judiciary) in the micronation. The members of the TSA were appointed or removed by President and it can give decrees if it was approved by an absolute majority of the members. President of the TSA could not be dismissed. Therefore, the TSA was considered undemocratic.

Members of the TSA

The following table shows the members of the Transitional State Administration.

Name Portfolio Country of origin Assumed
Lukaş Çursık President; Foreign Affairs Czech Republic 20 August 2019
Daniele Longobardo Finance, Interior Italy 23 August 2019
Emerson Alexandre Justice, Defence Brazil 30 August 2019