Town of Entenburg

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Town of Entenberg
Pueblo de Entenburg

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"Sunrise in Zimbabwe"
Official language(s)English, Spanish, Navārdian
DemonymEntenburger, Duck
GovernmentNonterritorial municipality
- GovernorPosition Vacant
- RepresentativePosition Vacant
Established1 March 2020

The Town of Entenburg was a nonterritorial municipal district within Phokland and Navārdia. It acted as a successor to the Ducklandian Nation, a Phoklandian territory which gave nonresidential citizens of the nation a representative in parliament. Entenburg was founded on 1 March 2020, after Duckland was ceded to Austenasia as part of Bregusland; and reestablished on April 20th after the dissolution of Phokland. It was dissolved on July 2nd after the formation of the Commonwealth of Naveria.

Entenburg's counted population fluctuated throughout Phoklandian and Navārdian history. Its peak population was near twenty-five under Phoklandian control, and exactly eight under Navārdian control. The initial populations of Sabiland and Rhyrodesia consisted entirely of former Entenburgers.