Town of Entenburg

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Town of Entenberg
Pueblo de Entenburg
Anthem: "Sunrise in Zimbabwe"
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish, Navārdian
Demonym(s)Entenburger, Duck
GovernmentNonterritorial municipality
• Governor
Position Vacant
Position Vacant
Establishment1 March 2020
• Census

The Town of Entenburg was a nonterritorial municipal district within Phokland and Navārdia. It acted as a successor to the Ducklandian Nation, a Phoklandian territory which gave nonresidential citizens of the nation a representative in parliament. Entenburg was founded on 1 March 2020, after Duckland was ceded to Austenasia as part of Bregusland; and reestablished on April 20 after the dissolution of Phokland. It was dissolved on July 2 after the formation of the Commonwealth of Naveria.

Entenburg's counted population fluctuated throughout Phoklandian and Navārdian history. Its peak population was near twenty-five under Phoklandian control, and exactly eight under Navārdian control. The initial populations of Sabiland and Rhyrodesia consisted entirely of former Entenburgers.