Titoist Party of the WUSSR

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Titoist Party of The WUSSR
ChairmanSergei Ostrovsky
FoundedFebruary 7, 2012
HeadquartersCarollisgrad, WUSSR
Membership (2012)6
IdeologyCommunism, Titoism, Social liberalism
Political positionFar-left
ColorsRed, Blue
People's National Assembly of the WUSSR
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The Titoist Party is a political party in the WUSSR. It was founded as opposition for the Grand Communist Party. The party's platform is on the moderately far left. The party advocates a less controlling form of government, however they push for a more social reforms and rights to Wussar minorities.


The Titoist Party was formed on February 7, 2011, when the National Political Convention convened for the first time. The founder, Cameron Messinides, was opposed to the form of communism imposed by the Grand Communist Party, also formed that day. The party was formed to be a much more moderate moderate of the left-wing revolution.

Party platform

The Titoist Party as it currently stands is opposed to the current majority Grand Communist Party. The main reason for this opposition is that certain citizens are opposed to the supposed Sovet style communism that the GCP wishes to impose. Titoism is also used as mostly a term to refer to the opposing ideology of this party from the GCP. It stands for a slower, calmer approach on the road to a communist state.

List of Party leaders

Photo Name Leadership Positions Residual Republic Gained Leadership Lost leadership Notable Facts
N/A Sergei Ostrovsky Premier of the WUSSR

Head of the Titoist Party

Regional President of the Carolina SSR

Carolina SSR February 7, 2012 N/A Former Governor of Carolina Colony, Created Party

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