Grand Communist Party of the WUSSR

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Grand Communist Party of The WUSSR
Chairman[Removed for Privacy Reasons]
FoundedFebruary 6, 2012
HeadquartersNew Berlin, WUSSR
Membership (2012)13
IdeologyCommunism, Marxism-Leninism
Majority faction:
Political positionFar-left
ColorsRed, Gold
People's National Assembly of the WUSSR
3 / 5
Imperial Council of Legatia
1 / 4

The Grand Communist Party is a political party in the Western Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It was founded as the main party, and was the very first party of the union. The party's platform is on the very far left. The party promises plans for major industrialization and modernization of the union, while still remaining environmentally friendly. Their promises also include the freedom of the people and anti-capitalist policies.


The party had foundations in the Western Confederal Empire, the predecessor to the WUSSR. It was officially formed the day the empire fell, and during the null period between the end of the WCE and the foundation of the union. The party was based on major revolution and anti-capitalism. The first members, leaders of the previous empire who realized that Communism had a much better policy than their foreseeable future. New members were found in the new citizenry of the union

On June 27, party member Matt Sjöberg created a Legatian branch which advocated Legatia being an soviet socialist republic of the Western Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Despite getting half of the Imperial Council to support unification, it started to oppose it because it would likely declare independence quickly after unification. It supported goals like Bateslandic expasionism. This was until the then-Imperial Council became the Chamber of Deputies and banned foreign-based parties.

Party platform

The GCP is a party that holds clean industry highly. It plans to industrialize the nation in order to create jobs for the people and modernize the technology and materials by replacing older and outdated equipment and tools with newer ones of higher quality. Party leaders also state that their plans for more equality of minority groups such as Native Americans and people of African descent. The party also has a strong anti-captalist front, as its membership has typically experienced economic disparity in capitalist nations such as the united states.

List of Party leaders

Photo Name Leadership Positions Residual Republic Gained Leadership Lost leadership Notable Facts
Grigori Baryshnikov President of the WUSSR

Head of the GCP

Regional President of the Branden SSR

Branden SSR February 6, 2012 N/A Former WCE Emperor, Led Communist rollover

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