Tianese Civil War

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Tianese Civil War
Part of the warlord period
Battle of Huangwei.png
Predicted scenery of the Battle of Huangwei, also known as the Battle for Tian.
Date: 18 September 2015 - ongoing
Location: Empire of Tian
Result: -
Territorial changes: -

Flag of Tianese Emperor.png Imperial clan
Government seal of Tian.png Government
Flag of Tian.png Imperial military

Emblem of the Lanyu clique.png Lanyu clique

Emblem of the Chiwei clique.png Chiwei clique

Emblem of the Diaoyu clique.png Diaoyu clique

Commanders and leaders

Emperor Tai
Du Ku

Qi Rongji

Edward Tsao

Barbara Zhang

Casualties and losses

The Tianese Civil War (天國內戰, Tiānguó Nèizhàn) is a civil war fought between the Tianese authority, the Lanyu clique, the Chiwei clique and the Diaoyu clique. The civil conflict is primarily over sovereignty of Tian, caused by warlords, those who attempts to control the country under their influences and to overthrow the Emperor and his government. Before the warlord period began, there was various of disagreements in the Taizhenguan, however, a few members of the government became warlords.

Most land areas of the Imperial State of Tian separated into three warlord-controlled territories, each cliques claims to be legitimate authority over Tian. The Imperial Government has not tolerated with the warlords and considering them as terrorists. The Prime Minister, Du Ku, ordered the Imperial Military to eliminate all warlords including their subjects. The Imperial Government considers the warlords as "illegal thugs".