Third Republic of Matachewan

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Third Republic of Matachewan
Flag of the Third Republic of Matachewan.pngCoat of Arms of the Third Republic of Matachewan.png

Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna
"Free Matachewan"
Official language(s)English, Polish
Short name3rd R. Matachewan
GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential republic
- Presidentnot chosen yet
- Speaker of the Sejmnot chosen yet
- Head of the Senatenot chosen yet
- Upper HouseSenate
- Lower HouseSejm
- Type - Bicameral


Main article: Grand Kingdom of Matachewan#Matachewanian History

Government and politics

Foreign relations

Country Matachewan recognises Matachewan is recognised by Alliance War Official diplomat to Matachewan Official diplomat from Matachewan Embassy in Matachewan Embassy from Matachewan
Grand Kingdom of Matachewan Yes Yes Yes No Unknown Unknown Yes Yes
2nd Kingdom of New Prussia Yes Unknown No No Unknown Unknown No Yes