The Zealandian Times

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The Zealandian Times
TZT logo.png
TZT Screenshot.png
February 2nd 2012 Screenshot
Owner(s)Best Party of Zealandia
Founder(s)Her Majesty's Zealandian Government
EditorCharlotte Lindström
Staff writersVarious writers.
Political alignmentLeft-wing-Socialist (Best Party)
Ceased publication2012

The Zealandian Times (TZT) is a controversial left wing newspaper within Zealandia, Wholly owned by the Best Party of Zealandia and its predecessors since November 2010. It has often been accused of showing bias in favour of the Best Party and Queen Lindström. TZT has also been accused of KCNA type attacks and tactics, most notably against Sirocco and Daniel Anderson.

Recurring themes

TZT often displays some recurring themes such as:

  • Emphasizing the names of Queen Lindström, the Best Party and Joe Puglisi by emboldening their names on the text.
  • Detailing performances of cultural events
  • Decrying the actions and attitudes of the United States, Sirocco and other nations who are "Capitalistic Imperialists", Personal attacks on Siroccoan leaders are not unknown.

Editorials and Opinion Pieces

Editorials and Opinion Pieces occasionally published in The Zealandian Times.