The Zealandian Gazette

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The Zealandian Gazette
TZG Masthead.png
TZG Screenshot 2 Feb 2012.png
Screenshot taken on 2nd of February 2012
FormatA4 and Online
Owner(s)His Majesty's Zealandian Government
Founder(s)HMZ Government
PublisherWordpress and HMZG Printers
EditorKing Hakon
Staff writersVarious.
FoundedDecember 2011
Political alignmentNeutral (Opinion:Usually left)
CirculationOnline and Monthly

The Zealandian Gazette is a newspaper within Zealandia.
It is noted for its neutral stance when compared to the left-wing newspaper The Zealandian Times.

Motto and Masthead

The Motto: Ärliga och pålitliga is Swedish and means Honest and Trustworthy, thus reflecting many Zealandians views on the newspaper.
The Zealandian Gazette is also noted for it's masthead which is the only news masthead permitted to use the Lesser Arms of Zealandia.

Opinion and Editorials

The Zealandian Gazette rarely allows editorials or opinion pieces as it is considered that they may make the newspaper partisan.


The Zealandian Gazette was formed after calls from various Zealandian citizens asking for a neutral news paper could no longer be ignored.