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Oakburian Royal Family
Coat of Arms of the Meyer-McLaughlin Clan
  • Robert McLaughlin
    Mary Welsh
  • HRH King Father William Jr.
    HH King Mother Kathleen
Lynne Kapff (deceased)
  • HRH Princess Janell
    HH Prince Jonathan Sr.
  • HRH Prince Jonathan Jr.
HRH Prince Stephen Hutchings
  • HRH Princess Emily

  • HRH Princess Lynn McLaughlin
  • HRH Princess Amy McLaughlin
  • HRH Princess Laura McLaughlin
  • HRH Prince Robert McLaughlin Jr.
  • HRH Prince Joseph McLaughlin
  • HRH Princess Jennifer McLaughlin
  • HRH Princess Sarah McLaughlin
  • HRH Pricness Patricia McLaughlin
  • Sister Susanne McLaughlin
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