Monarch of Oakbury

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Monarchy of Oakbury
Meyer-mclaughlin arms.png
Oakbury Coat of Arms
His Majesty King Daniel

Style His Majesty
First monarch King Daniel
Official residence Fort Río Acero
Monarchy started 3 Jun 2016

The monarchy of the Kingdom of Oakbury, or simply the Oakburian Monarchy, is the monarchy of Oakbury and all of its subjects. The monarch's title is "King" (male) and "Queen" (female). The current monarch and head of state is His Majesty King Daniel, who founded the Kingdom on 3 Jun 2016.

The monarch and his immediate family undertake various official, ceremonial, diplomatic and representational duties. As the head of state, the King has absolute power over all affairs of the state. The monarch is also traditionally the Marshal of the Armies.

List of monarchs

Arms Image Name Born Became Monarch Relation to previous Monarch Clann
Meyer-mclaughlin arms.png
Daniel 21 April 1999 3 June 2016 Throne established Meyer-McLaughlin

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