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The flag of Taria Tarian Flag.jpg

Taria is a fresh new micronation created in the year 2018, Our aim in Taria is to help other smaller nations in aid with free medical care, also advancing our skills and technology to trade with other micros around the world. We can trade knowledge and ideas to improve our nations and ourselves as individuals.

How the government works: first off there is a royal family who govern the lands but its more about the community, the king provides food and shelter for everyone and tries to make everyone feel safe. If anyone inside the nation wants change or something made they just write a digital note requesting help from the King who would then send workers to help. Everyone would work together to create a better world for our nation to thrive in.

Population: 1-2

Capital: -

Currency: Our currency is made up of Tarian Chips and Tarian Coins, Four Tarian chips create 1 Tarian coin. Basically, a chip is a quarter of a coin. These coins can be used to purchase goods from the government.

Area claimed: -

Jobs and how to earn money: The government of Taria assigns jobs which suit a citizen, for example, a creative person would get assigned a creative type of job. Jobs can be changed anytime if you're not enjoying it, just contact the job office of Taria to get assigned something new. A reporter reports to the government how much work and progress you've done in your job and the government will give you money according to how much you've progressed.

Job opportunities:

  • Government workers: a small group of people working with and around the leader
  • Reporters: reporting to the government how much people work.
  • Explorers: exploring the globe for possible land claims.
  • Medical workers: helping people who need medical attention.
  • Medical assistance: provide assistance to medical workers.
  • Designers: creating and sketching new ideas and plans for our micronation.
  • Artists: create art and culture for our nation.
  • Scientists: selected group of people making new ways of caring for citizens in need and other ways of creating a brighter future.
  • Inventors: people who work hard in creating new tools, technologies and techniques to improve our nation.
  • Builders: construction of buildings.
  • Architect: someone who works side with builders to create new buildings and homes.

Allies List:

-Updates soon-