The Meow Kingdom

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The Kingdom of the Meow Empire
LocationLocated in the United States of America
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
• Queen Consort
• Total
669 sq mi (1,730 km2)
• 2020 census
Time zoneCST

The Meow Empire, also known as the Kingdom of The Meow Empire, is a relatively new kingdom with its' international offices based in Houston, TX. The leaders include Queen Consort Catie Sai and Feline Prince Buddy.

The two leaders have almost no power, as citizens can vote for or against rules, amendments, and so on even if the leaders say otherwise due to a technicality. The citizens vote to say "yay" or "nay" to allow the leaders to be given an opinion. The country was formed after the Queen Consort got frustrated with world political affairs following the years after the 2016 USA election, and decided to govern herself.


The country was officially founded on December 19, 2018. Not much history to be had, but it is said that the Queen Consort tried creating a country years ago with no luck. It was just a far-off fairytale until reading about micronations on Youtube and the internet. She then recruited her gray cat to be the lovely prince and dedicated the country just for him. There are no armed forces, as the country does not believe in any sort of war.


The country is an extreme free market, laissez-faire type of economy where consumers have the freedom to trade, negotiate, own a business, and enjoy a fully "hands off" type of economy. The only things governments assists with is workers' rights, unions, and the right to appropriate wages. Although the US Dollar is used for all exchanges, it still gives citizens more financial freedom than most countries.

War and Armed Forces

The country does not believe in war, quartering of troops, and violence. In fact, if you are in any armed forces it will respect your right to be deployed, stationed, and recruited; but the country will have to suspend your citizenship to the country until honorable discharge is dutifully noted. If you are unhonorably discharged, you are permanently suspended and never allowed to have citizenship ever again.


You will be required to take a Google docs form quiz of sorts (linked on website) to be a citizen, pay $50 fee, and email the Queen Consort of your goods. You cannot be an extremist, terrorist, repeat offense criminal, sex offender/pedophile, nor can you be a murderer. Peace and happiness are top priorities, and certain requirements are in place to further implement this. You cannot also be an active duty armed forces person, or a person who promotes war for any reason.

Government and Land Claims

The two leaders have essentially no power, as even their representation is voted on to be approved or declined. There are no chambers, legislature, nor a judiciary. Instead, citizens have and hold special meetings and elections to vote on topics and issues that are important to them. They can even vote on amending the constitution further than it has. The Constitution also states many freedoms many other first-world, progressive countries do not have; especially simultaneously.

The Kingdom claims to have several islands, including off the African and Southern European coasts. It also claims several ZIP Codes in the Northwest section of Houston, Texas.

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