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DUBS flag.png House of Representatives Session DUBS flag.png
Speaker of the House: James Frisch
Speaker pro tempore: Horatio Eden
  • Roll-call and notice of quorum
  • Notification of executive orders
  • Committee appointments
  • Cabinet affairs (confirmations, Department/agency reports to Council)
  • Subcommittee on Micronational Constitutions update
  • Substantive legislation announced in advance
    • Lack of Progress Act (proposed by Rep. Horatio Eden)
    • State Constitutions Act (proposed by Rep. Horatio Eden)
    • Second Flag Act (proposed by Rep. Horatio Eden)
    • Persona non Grata Act (proposed by Rep. Horatio Eden)
    • Automatic Passage Act (proposed by Rep. Horatio Eden)
  • Substantive legislation without leave
  • Questions to the Chair and to the Lord President
  • AOB
  • Time and date of next session

Venue: Skype Room