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@Mahuset You could've fooled me. Usually, when someone claims the whole of Northern England it does start to ring some bells into the factuality of the endeavor. Also, I politely request that you refrain from using such derogatory terms on an encyclopedia dedicated to all users. Not only may it be offensive to some people but it is totally unnecessary. This is an Encyclopedia, not a highschool playground. Aenopia (talk) 21:34, 12 January 2020 (UCT)

Serious clarifications needed

Using only "claimed" figures for surface area and population is not appropriate, especially for a nation which claims to be signatory to the Wrythe Convention. The lack of a true figure of area actually controlled and citizens actually registered is causing me to be suspicious, especially taken with the fact that the popular vote (total numbers, not percentages) is not given on your election pages. Indeed, the particular percentages given for the popular vote in elections (e.g. in one case 0.5%) imply a turnout at least in the hundreds, which would be abnormal even for the most successful micronations. This has given me reason to suspect that, if nothing else, your election outcomes are fabricated, and unless some evidence can be provided which supports the veracity of these election outcomes, I will have to mark this article not as {{dubious}} but as {{fantasy}}. If you are using some sort of process to simulate an election based on a smaller sample size of citizens, that is fine but you need to make that clear on the wiki. ADAMVS PRIMVS IMPERATOR 17:01, 24 March 2020 (UTC)