Symbols of Dubová

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This article lists notable national symbols of the People's Republic of Dubová.


Flag of Dubová
See adjacent text.
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted April 9, 2019
Design TBA
Designed by Ronnie Miller

The flag of Dubová consists of...

Arms of Subjects

The following arms represent the subjects of Dubová.

Standards of Government

National Colors

  White  - Symbol of Rationality and Logic

RGB - 255,184,10

Hex - #FFB80A

  Red  - Symbol of Socialism and Solidarity

RGB - 238,28,37

Hex - #EE1C25

  Blue  - Symbol of Liberty and Freedom

RGB - 11,78,162

Hex - #0B4EA2

Coat of Arms

Small State Emblem of the People's Republic of Dubová
PRDubová small state emblem.png
ArmigerPeople's Republic of Dubová
AdoptedApril 9, 2019

There is the State Eagle, along with civil and lesser versions of the coat of arms of Dubová.