Supreme Court of Kirkland

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The Supreme Court of Kirkland is the judicial body of the Empire of Kirkland. It has the responsibility to punish criminals based on the interpretation of the Legal Code of Kirkland.


The Supreme Court is comprised of three permanent Justices. These justices are appointed by the Sovereign of Kirkland and serve until death or retirement They can also be disbarred if they are convicted of a felony or treason.

Relation to Other Branches

The Parliament of Kirkland has no oversight into the court other than the power to call for an editing of the Legal Code. This actually gives the Parliament a rather large, yet not obvious, power over the Court. The Legal Code is the foundation on which all cases are decided and a review may fundamentally alter the Code and by extension the whole legal system.

Since the Sovereign has the power to directly appoint Justices they have the most power over the Court. If the Sovereign decided to appoint Justice with a record of anti-business opinions said justice may pursue many anti-trust or fraud cases that would directly cause the downfall of entire corporations. Because Justices can bring up any case they desire the Sovereign has an indirect, although not small, role in future business of the Court.

Legal Code

The Legal Code of Kirkland is the official code that the Court follows. This code outlines, in minute detail, all the actions that are considered illegal in Kirkland. It also outlines all the possible legal remedies to those crimes. The Code, and those who edit it, has the power to influence a wide range of future outcomes based solely on the language chose for the Legal Code.