Student's Party of Eresamia

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Student's Party of Eresamia
Partido Estudiantil de Eresamia
LeaderEren Scott
Founded12 October 2016
Youth wingEresamian Union of Seventh and Eighth Graders
Ideology• Studentism
• Student's Socialism
• Eresamian Nationalism
• Student's Nationalism
National affiliationCommittee for Revolutionary Progression
Official colorsGreen, White, Black

The Student's Party of Eresamia is the largest and only legally permitted political party within Eresamia. It was founded in the chaos of the Student's Revolution by Eren Scott and Samuel Tirrell.

According to the Eresamian Constitution, the Student's Party is the sole legal party of Eresamia, serving as a vanguard party in order to create the 'Dictatorship of the student', which gives the Student's Party complete executive, legislative, and judicial powers over the Eresamian Government. The Student's Party is seen as a play on many Communist political parties, most notably the w:Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

The Student's Party is based upon the ideas of 'Studentism', a political ideology that encompasses both Student's Socialism and Student's Nationalism. Studentism holds that each individual place of education, mostly public schools, are in themselves their own independent nations, having within them their own interesting cultures. Studentism holds that it is the duty of every students to rise up against 'the oppressive forces of school-faculty and international imperialism', and to create their own nations of their schools. This idea is incredibly unrealistic in practice, and is seen mostly as a micronational project rather than an actual political ideology.

The Student's Party was founded after the successful Student's Revolution of Eren Scott. The Party was founded at the same time as Eresamia itself was founded. Scott uses this is a justification of the Party's dictatorial rule, claiming that 'Eresamia is the Student's Party and the Student's Party is Eresamia'.



  • The General Secretary of the Student's Party (Elected)
    • The Central Committee of the Student's Party (Appointed)\

The General Secretary of the Student's Party is elected by the National Council of the Student's Party to a term of a single year. The General Secretary has almost dictatorial control over the Student's Party, needing only the approval of the Central Committee, who's members are appointed by him, to pass a law over the party.


      • The National Council of the Students Party (Elected)
        • The Student's Party Body

The National Council of the Student's Party is the group of representatives from throughout Eresamia chosen by Party members from the Student's Party Body to represent specific regions, such as the Middle School or High School. It is made up of ten members.


    • The Student's Political Committee;
    • The Student's Economic Committee;
    • The Student's Military Committee;

The Committee's of the Student's Party are small organisations within the Party appointed by the General Secretary from the Student's Body, the Committee's serve several purposes, such as military advice and economic progression.