State of the Kingdom of Al-Muqaddimah

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State of the Kingdom of Al-Muqaddimah
Negara Kerajaan Al-Muqaddimah
Flag of Al-Muqaddimah
Emblem of Al-Muqaddimah
Motto: Hidup Bermartabat Dan Mati Dengan Kemuliaan
Live With Dignity And Die With Glory
Anthem: Allah Peliharakan Kita
LocationEast Java, Indonesia
and largest city
Al Hijrah Darussalam
Official languagesIndonesian
Recognised regional languagesJavanese
GovernmentFederal constitutional monarchy
• Sultan
• Prime Minister
Mochammad Gandra Al Ghazali
LegislaturePeople's Council
• Establishment
1 January 2014
• 2020 estimate
CurrencyAl-Muqaddimah Zamrud (ZMD)
Time zoneUTC+7 (GMT)
Driving sideleft

State of the Kingdom of Al-Muqaddimah (Indonesian: Negara Kerajaan Al-Muqaddimah) is a micronation located in the Indonesian province of East Java. Al-Muqaddimah was founded on 1 January 2014 as an Islamic monarchy by Abdullah Allero, who has ruled the country until today.

this country is disbanded.


Al-Muqaddimah was founded on 1 January 2014 by Abdullah Allero who immediately took leadership of the country. The first years of Al-Muqaddimah were known to be stable without any conflicts existed.

A constitutional convention sanctioned by the King successfully created the federal constitution in 2014, with a routine assesment took place annually. The latest amendment to the constitution is underway since 2019, with proposed changes including on regional authority and state rights.

The country experienced a constitutional crisis in early 2014 due to a vacuum in the position of prime minister. The crisis was caused by politicians refusing to be appointed to the position, with numerous politicians rejected the offer from the King to form a government. The crisis was ended after Moch Nabil Ierfany finally accepted the King offer to form the government in 23 May 2019.

After Moch Nabil named his government ministers, citizens began to oppose his rule because of his failures to prioritise the people from his inner group's interests, and also an accusation of a corruption that occures on the government circle. In February 2020, the King finally intervened after heard his citizens' plead and further pressured Moch Nabil to resign, which he resisted. The ensuing stalemate causes the government to be deadlocked.

A royal intervention on the government finally saw the sacking of Moch Nabil by the King in 20 March 2020.[1] After a week of direct royal rule, the King appoints Moch Gandra as the new prime minister, and inaugurate him on 1 April 2020.[2]

Politics and government

Al-Muqaddimah is a constitutional monarchy, with King Abdullah Allero I as the head of state since the establishment of the country, and Moch Gandra Al-Ghazali as the head of government since 1 April 2020.

Constitution of Al-Muqaddimah was ratified in 2017, with an amendment was ratified in March 2020. The constitution manages the country form and executive leadership, especially on the King and the Prime Minister.

Political parties

Muqaddiman constitution allowed for political parties, with the only conditions for political parties are to recognise Muqaddiman monarchy and official Islamic religion. In 3 April 2020, Muqaddiman government simultaneously approved five political parties registrations, enabling them to participate in political activities. Four more party registrations were passed in 10 April 2020, increasing the total number of Muqaddiman political party to 9 parties.

Party name
Party name
Abbrev. Ideology Registration date
Pakatan Nasional National Accord PN Nationalism 3 April 2020
Partai Amanah Negara National Mandate Party PAN 10 April 2020
Partai Islam Islamic Party PI Islamism 3 April 2020
Partai Islam Muhammadiyah Islamic Party - Muhammadiyah PIM Muhammadiyah Islamism 3 April 2020
Partai Kesejahteraan Rakyat People's Prosperity Party PKR Islamic nationalism 3 April 2020
Partai Peduli Bangsa National Concern Party PPB 10 April 2020
Partai Pembangunan Bangsa National Foundation Party PPbB 10 April 2020
Partai Persatuan Pembangunan United Development Party PPP Islamic democracy 3 April 2020

Foreign relations

Al-Muqaddimah begin its diplomacy after its successful introduction to Indonesian micronational community in the early of 2020. Al-Muqaddimah is also an observer, later a full member of the Association of Indonesian Micronations since March 2020.

Administrative divisions

As a federation, administrative divisions of Al-Muqaddimah consists of two tiers, which is state and federal territory. Al-Muqaddimah currently formed by 3 states and 4 federal territories, which includes the national capital, Al Hijrah Darussalam. The governor of states and federal territories is known as the "Yang Di-Pertuan Besar" (Chief Minister) and is appointed by the King.

Name Status
Al Hijrah Darussalam Capital City
Al Qudfundzah Darussalam Federal Territory
Allero Putra Central Federal territory
Darul Arafah State
Dharmasraya Central Federal Territory
Bandar Maharani Darullah State
Samudera Pasai State
Tanjung Rampai State



On April 2020, Muqaddiman authority set a new flag and new emblem, preceding the proposed formation of the Assembly of Kings in the future. On May 2020, the flag and emblem were replaced for the second time.

Commemorative days

Al-Muqaddimah has designated commemorative days, with some of them declared a public holiday. Beside on local influence, Muqaddiman commemorative days are also influenced by Islamic tradition.

Month Date Holiday Indonesian name Description
January 1 Foundation Day Hari Pembentukan Kerajaan Commemorates the establishment of Al-Muqaddimah
15 Homeland Day Hari Cinta Tanah Air
25 National Day Hari Kebangsaan Al-Muqaddimah
29 National Tolerance Day Hari Toleransi Nasional
February 1 Constitution Day Hari Konstitusi Commemorates the enactment of Muqaddiman constitution
5 Mosque Day Hari Masjid Seluruh Al-Muqaddimah
15 Bandar Maharani Day Hari Lahir Negara Bahagian Bandar Maharani
23 Ahmad Dahlan Memorial Day Hari Peringatan KH. Ahmad Dahlan Commemorates the passing of the founder of Muhammadiyah movement, KH. Ahmad Dahlan
25 Independence Declaration Day Hari Deklarasi Kemerdekaan
March 1 Speech Day Hari Pidato
5 Heroes Day Hari Pahlawan
20 AIM Memorial Day Hari Peringatan AIM Commemorates Muqaddiman entry to the Association of Indonesian Micronations
22 Isra Mi'raj Isra Mi'raj Commemorates the ascession of Muhammad to Heaven and received command to perform daily prayers
25 National Earth Day Hari Bumi Nasional
April 1 Prime Minister's Day Hari Perdana Menteri
5 National Awakening Day Hari Kebangkitan Nasional
10 Religious Affairs Ministry Day Hari Kementerian Agama
15 Ministry Day Hari Kementerian Commemorates foundation of entire Muqaddiman ministries, except the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Prints, and Ministry of Health
25 Law Day Hari Hukum
May 1 Happy Cooking Day Hari Suka Memasak
5 Book Day Hari Buku
15 Family Day Hari Kasih Sayang Keluarga
20 Proverb Day Hari Peribahasa
29 National Security Day Hari Keamanan Nasional
June 1 Indigenous Day Hari Adat
1 National Pledge Day Hari Ikrar Nasional
5 Anti Racism Day Hari Anti Rasisme
15 Social Justice Day Hari Keadilan Sosial
20 Border Day Hari Perbatasan
29 Unity Day Hari Persatuan
July 10 Muslim Day Hari Muslim
20 Islamic Law Day Hari Syariat Islam
25 Prints Ministry Day Hari Kementerian Percetakan Commemorates the establishment of the Ministry of Prints
29 Muhammadiyah Anniversary Day Hari Milad Muhammadiyah Commemorates the establishment of Muhammadiyah movement
August 1 Ahmad Dahlan Birthday Hari Lahir KH. Ahmad Dahlan Commemorates the birthday of the founder of Muhammadiyah, KH. Ahmad Dahlan
15 Loyalty Day to the Country Hari Kesetiaan Kepada Negara
25 National Wildlife Day Hari Hidupan Liar Negara
29 National Health Day Hari Kesehatan Nasional
September 5 Police Force Anniversary Hari Polisi
25 Military And Royal Force Anniversary Hari Pembentukan Tentara Negara dan Tentara DiRaja
October 10 Victory Day Hari Kemenangan
15 National Pledge Day Hari Sumpah Warganegara
25 Human Rights Day Hari Hak Asasi Manusia
November 1 Forest Day Hari Hutan
10 Al-Qudfundzah Darussalam Day Hari Lahir Wilayah Federal Al-Qudfundzah Darussalam
15 Book Day Hari Buku
December 10 Forest Protection Day Hari Perlindungan Hutan
20 People's Day Hari Rakyat
25 National Qur'an Recitation Day Hari Menghafal Al-Qur'an Nasional
31 Independence Day Preparation Hari Persiapan Kemerdekaan