State of New Catalonia

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New Catalonia
New Catalonia Flag.png CoA New Catalonia.png
Flag of New Catalonia Coat of Arms

Pax et Libertas
Capital Dark Island City (occupied by the Pirates)

Official language Catalan

Official religion Atheism

Demonym Newcatalan

Government Socialist Republic
President Oriol A. Pérez

Legislature Popular

Established April 3, 2012

Constitutional Territory
– New Catalonia Mark 0.3 km2
– Dark Island 0.0003 km2

Official Webpage
Official Page of New Catalonia

The State of New Catalonia is a Socialist Republic and a micronation, formed officially in April 3 of 2012. Their leader is Oriol A. Pérez, and its placed in Mallorca Island, bordering Newland. They have also a Military Base in the Dark Island, a half kilometer from the capital (Son Verí). New Catalonia is very close to the Socialist Republic of Perejil, but an independent country, and it's based on Catalan culture and traditions. It is a member of the S.N.M.U.