St. Andrew

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Saint Andrew's Court, the capital of Saint Andrew
Map of Saint Andrew, with cities.

Saint Andrew is a Secundomian state bordered by Harmony Lake, Harmony South, Fairfield, South Hill, Switzer and Nottingham. The Capital of St. Andrew is St. Andrew's Court.


Saint Andrew was originally founded as the union of two cities, Amber and Bentwood. When these two cities became a state, the capital was agreed to be St. Andrew's Court, a small road in the center of Bentwood. Before the founding of Switzer and South Hill, Lower Saint Andrews was formed by the development of Upper Tomahawk Valley by Amber and Bentwood. However, with the founding of Switzer and South Hill by the Secundomian Government, St. Andrew was given in return for parts of Lower Saint Andrews the cities of Gleneagles and part of Upper Brookhollow (Eagle Point).


The Tomahawk Valley Natural Preserve lies in the middle of Saint Andrew. It separates Upper Saint Andrew from the cities to the south. This was preserved by the United States Government, and eventually also by the Republic of Secundomia on October 29, 2011.

Deanna Rose, located to the north of Tomahawk Valley