Harmony Lake

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Map of Harmony lake, cities labeled

Harmony Lake pronounced [hɑɹmoʊni leɪk] is a state in Secundomia. It is possibly one of the most important states in Secundomia as it houses the nation's only functioning airport. The airport, located in the panhandle of the state, is called the Secundomian International Airport and is the only form of air traffic that the Republic of Secundomia receives in it's core state area.

Harmony Lake's capital is Harmony Lake City, located in the south-central area of the state. A nonsubstantial city known as Ashford is located on the East of harmony lake, and also crosses the border into Harmony South. The largest city in the area is Amesbury, located in the north of Harmony Lake.

Harmony Lake highlighted on a larger map, in blue.