Soviet Socialist Republic of Camuria

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Soviet Socialist Republic of Camuria

Peace, Freedom, Revolution
National Anthem of Camuria
Capital cityGodricsun
Official language(s)English
GovernmentSingle-party Communist State
- PresidentPetula Jones
- PremierAlexander Jones
- General Secretary of the CRWPPetula Jones
LegislatureSupreme Soviet of Camuria
EstablishedJuly 1, 2007
Time zoneUTC

The Soviet Socialist Republic of Camuria (SSRC) is a micronational State that was reportedly founded on June 25th 2009 following a Communist uprising in the Kingdom of Camuria. The Soviet Socialist Republic claims to be the only legitemate Camurian state remaining and, according to it's official history, claims to have been the result of an active Socialist movement in the Kingdom since the day of it's foundation (which it states as being July 1st 2007, rather than the 1967 date given by the Kingdom. It claims all of the "real, actual territory" of the former Kingdom and asserts that it is the only remaining Camurian state, asserting that the Camurian Empire collapsed on itself between May and June 2009 thanks to both foreign pressures and the internal Socialist movement.

A One-party Communist State, the SSRC is ruled by the Camurian Revolutionary Workers' Party, which claims to be descended from a faction of the former Socialist Party of Camuria that was purged by then-Crown Princess Robyn, the SPC leader. The CRWP claims that King Ian II fabricated the nation's history and sought to build up an Empire that spanned Europe by fabricating armed conflicts and creating false puppet nations across the world. This mirrors general opinion among the MicroWiki nations, but it remains unknown if the Republic is totally genuine. The Workers' Party has expressed a desire for "reconciliation with the Grand Unified Micronational" and "the rise of Camuria as a peaceful, sovereign Soviet Republic".