Sonoran Navy

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Sonoran Navy
Established 24 November 2018
Country Sonoran Confederation
Service Branches Sonoran Naval Ground Force
Sonoran Naval Maritime Force
Sonoran Naval-Air Force
Sonoran Naval-Space Force
Previous engagements September Revolution
Great Patriotic War
Current engagements None
Commander-in-Chief Admiral-General Titus Smith
Ministry of Defense Marshal Cali the Bear
General information
Headquarters Clackamas, Cascadia
Active personnel 21

The Sonoran Navy is the official national military of the Sonoran Confederation. It originated as the Shaoshan Navy and gradually evolved into a more organized defense force. When Sonoran dominated their Shaoshanian parent to become its own nation-state, it became the Imperial Navy, the Sonoran Defense Force, and other various names over its several year history. After the September Revolution, it became the Sonoran Soviet People's Red Army (SSPRA). The current organized form was founded on 24 November 2018, evolving from the Great Patriotic War.

The Navy is overseen, funded, and directed by the Ministry of Defense, which is presided over by the Defense Minister, appointed by the President of the Confederation. The President holds the position of commander-in-chief and the title of "Admiral-General" and makes decisions regarding the organization of units and the promotion of officers in consultation with the Ministry of Defense. The Navy consists of the Naval Ground Force, Naval Air Force, the Navy Maritime Force, and the Naval Space Force. The Navy currently consists of 21 members.

The Navy and its subsidiaries are responsible for national defense, border and maritime enforcement, and humanitarian missions.

Current roster

Admiral-General Titus Smith
Marshal Amy Smith
Marshal Buster McCovey -People’s Armed Police
Marshal Cali Bear
Marshal Stormy the Cat
Marshal Pusheen the Cat
Marshal Mark Olsen
Marshal Edward Morton
Commander Tater the Cat
Commander Martin Salvador -People’s Armed Police
Commander James Hindenburg
Colonel Kristin Hindenburg – People’s Armed Police
Captain Juno Smith - Navy Rangers
Captain Mary Graceson
Captain Erin Heusmann
Captain Pip the Cat
Lieutenant Purrlock Holmesheen
Corporal Sirsheen the Cat
Sergeant Pancake the Cat
Private Pugsheen O’Malley
Private Porg Penguin