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The City of Sonnberg is a territory and biggest city of Sprelbuerg and by extension the Ceticilian Republic. It was founded by Nico and A., two citizens of Sprelbuerg. It is located near Hennef in Germany. It is the eastmost city of Ceticilia, beating the old record by only a few meters. It was founded on Wednesday 2017-11-01.

Reasoning for the founding and claim

Nico and A. have been on the lookout for extending the size of Sprelbuerg's territorial size and - Sonnberg as a being mostly free space and a recreational spot builty by the German government - was as an ideal spot for furthering the province's and the nation's size. It was decided on Wednesday 2017-11-01 that Sonnberg become an addition to Sprelbuerg with the status of "unicorporated city", however it was declared a city in a few hours. It holds the only football pitch of Ceticilia

Sonnberg on a sunny Wednesday


The name Sonnberg was chosen for it was a sunny day when the land was surveyed, the -berg part is derived from its altitude, higher in altitude than all other Ceticilian territorial gains. Sonnberg in English meaning something like "sunny hills".


Sonnberg is located near Hennef and is surrounded by several farms, those farms are part of Germany and not part of Ceticilia, those farms hold cows and horses and harvest grains and crops.

Sattelite image of Sonnberg