Socialist Party (Vryland)

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Socialist Party of Vryland
Sosialistiese Party van Vryland
LeaderConnor McLean
Founded30 January 2019 (Revived: 6 April 2019)
Membership  (2019)1
Political positionLeft
Official coloursRed
Seats in the House of Commons
0 / 14
Seats in the House of Lords
0 / 2
Party flag
Vryland socialist party flag.jpg

The Socialist Party (Afrikaans: Sosialistiese Party) is a small left wing political party in Vryland. It is known for its support of abortion, gun regulation and its new form of socialism.

The party was originally formed on 30 January 2019 but was banned after its leader threatened to overthrow the government for "anti-democratic ideals." It was re-established on 6 April 2019 after its leader returned to the country and asked for forgiveness.

The party won one seat in the February general election, but it was removed after the threats. Leader McLean is looking to regain that seat and possibly get more in the upcoming general election.