Social Industrialists (Cheslovia)

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Social Industrialists (SI)
Founded19th June 2008
IdeologyIndustrialism, Liberalism, Pro-EU
Political positionCentre-Left
ColoursPurple, Gold, White

The Social Industrialists (SI) is a Cheslovian political party formed during the last months of the Principality of Kaznia in 2008, it is currently the leading party in Cheslovia. The party was created to promote the democratic image of Cheslovia, at the time many people thought Cheslovia was an tyrannical government. The party believed in the industrialisation of Cheslovia and the creation and improvement of Cheslovian companies. Although the party included the word "social" in its name, the party said that it was not left or right wing, and said that the word social meant that the party was for the people, not in a socialist way (nor in a capitalist).

The party was supposed to have been abadoned in a referrendum when it had completed all of its objectives, however that members decided to keep the party.

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