Social Democratic Party (Mercia)

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Social Democratic Party of Mercia
Leader Count Adam Belcher
President Earl Kit McCarthy
Founded 22 March 2016
Dissolved 27 July 2016
Membership  (2016) 2
Ideology Social Democracy
Social Liberalism
Political position Left-wing
Official colors Blue
Parliament House
2 / 11

The Social Democratic Party was a Mercian political party founded by Count Adam Belcher and Earl Kit McCarthy in March 2016. It ran on a platform of social democracy and liberalism, and won two seats in its first election, the May 2016 General Election, allowing the SDP to enter a coalition government. Count Belcher became Deputy First Minister, and Earl McCarthy became Minister of Foreign Affairs. The party dissolved in July 2016 after Kit McCarthy resigned from all micronational offices.


Founded sometime in March 2016, the SDP was a joint effort between Count Belcher and Earl McCarthy. In the run up to the May 2016 Election Debate, a manifesto was finalised, outlining some basic economic and social policies.

In the May 2016 General Election, the party won two seats in Wibertsherne and Kernollond, and went on to form a six seat majority government with the People's Democratic Party, and Green-Socialist Independent Baron von Uberquie (later part of the Green-Socialist Party). Following negotiations, Belcher became Deputy First Minister, and McCarthy Minister of Foreign Affairs. The SDP held positions in three Cabinet subcommittees.

In early July 2016, Ned Greiner briefly joined the SDP, bringing its membership up to 3, but he defected shortly afterwards to the PDP. On 27 July 2016, the escalating scandal between the leadership of the GUM and the State of Sandus forced McCarthy to leave the MicroWiki community, resigning from all his Mercian offices in the process, including his party membership. With only a single member remaining, the SDP was legally forced to disband. In dissolving the party, Belcher stated that he would now be an independent MP, and that he would be prepared to continue to support the coalition government.


Amongst other things, the SDP pledged in their manifesto to create a new Mercian currency, backed by Pound Sterling. This would involve the formation of a new central bank. Furthermore, they called for a 10% income tax, with a tax free allowance of £5.

They also called for greater international transparency and relations, including greater freedom of information; a citizenship drive; and a 'back to basics approach,' focusing on areas such as the website and media relations.

Internationally, they advocated membership of the new GUM, and extended relations with all parts of the community.

Like the PDP, they advocated separation of church and state, but at the same time called for recognition of the cultural role of religion.

List of Party Leaders

Leader Image Previous position Took Office Left Office
Adam Belcher EmperorOfAdammia2015.jpg Founder 22 March 2016 27 July 2016

Electoral results

Election year # of overall votes  % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/-
May 2016 Unknown 18.18% 2 2