Smlosa Air Force

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Smlosa Royal Air Force
Смлоса Королевские ВВС (Russian)
Ensign of the SRAF
Founded16th of March 2020
Current form16th of September 2023
Commander-in-ChiefCharlie Korejsza
Prime MinisterLuis Treece
Minister of DefenceNone Appointed
Chief of the Air StaffNone Appointed
Military age13 to Enlist, 18 to Deploy
Fit for
military service
14, age 15–49
Reserve personnel0
Deployed personnel0
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The Smlosa Royal Air Force (SRAF) is The Kingdom of Smlosa's aerial warfare force. It was formed on the 16th of March 2020 by Royal Decree along with the other branches of the Kingdom of Smlosa.


The Smlosa Royal Air Force was founded on the 16th of March 2020, as the Smlosa Royal Air Force (SRAF), by Royal Decree. After some changes, it was renamed to the Smlosa Royal Air Force (SRAF). The SRAF somewhat mirrors the Royal Air Force in the US.


Officers hold a commission from the sovreign, which provides the legal authority for them to issue orders to subordinates. The commission of a regular officer is granted after successfully completing the 24-week-long Initial Officer Training course.

Other Ranks

Other Ranks attend the Recruit Training Squadron for basic training. SRAF other ranks fall into four categories: Warrant Officers, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Junior Non-Commissioned Officers and Airmen. All Warrant Officers in the RWAF are equal in terms of rank, but the most senior Non-Commissioned appointment is known as the Chief of the Air Staff's Warrant Officer.


The Smlosa Royal Air Forces shares rank structure and rank insignia with the Kingdom of Smlosa (with a few minor changes such as the Marshal of the RAF in the SRAF is Marshal of the SRAF).


Senior Management

The Chief of the Air Staff is supported by several other senior commanders. The main positions are shown in the following table.

Smlosa Royal Air Force Senior Management Positions
Title Rank NATO Rank
Chief Air Chief Marshal OF-9
Deputy Commander Capability Air Marshal OF-8
Deputy Commander of Operations Air Marshal OF-8
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Chief of Staff Personnel and Air Secretary Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Director of Legal Services Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Air Member for Materiel and Chief of Materiel Air Vice-Marshal OF-7
Director of Resources Civilian
Chief of the Air Staff's Warrant Officer Warrant Officer (SRAF) OR-9


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