Skirmish of Lakewood

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Skirmish of Lakewood
Date: 6 September 2010
Place: Lakewood, Freedomia
Result: Freedomian victory, government reforms in Freedomia, and disbandment of rebel group

The Skirmish begins

On September 6, 2010, several Freedomians were doing some construction at the Lakewood mine, closely supervised by Emperor Mark II.

Suddenly, the workers abandoned their duties and began constructing a bridge. When Williams pointed out that the bridge was not working, he was ignored.

In frustration, Williams decided to take a moment and consider the situation. He proceeded from the mine, only to hear that the workers intended to take a one hour break. Williams was furious, as the workers had only been working for about forty-five minutes. The workers began a strike, and left the mine. Williams, disappointed, followed the rebels, and was not amused by the comments that were fired at him as he followed them.

As it happens, the workers were going to enter the Ministorial of Freedomia and take over the government. They entered, closely persued by Williams, and boasted their victory and so-called takeover of Freedomia.

Williams countered, saying that the workers were not in control of Freedomia, and he was still the Emperor. Williams also banned several of them from Freedomia for an extended time. The rebel group disbanded approximately one hour later, thus ending the skirmish. The rebels also apologized.


As a result of the Skirmish of Lakewood, Williams used his powers as Emperor to reform the Freedomian Government. The Emperor title was hence abolished, and, some time later, the Prime Minister title was created. The nation did not change it's name in the process, but did change it's governmental structure.