Silent era

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The silent era was a time in Baltian history when previous Baltian micronations - which were all very active - had died out, these nations include: Zagoria, Chivaliers, Aramisia, and The Clan (The former 2 went inactive out in late 2006, the latter 2 went inactive in mid 2007). On 23 June 2009, that era officially can to an end with the arrival of yet another Baltian nation called Érvas, however, the era de facto came to an end on the date when Malokaz was founded, thus making the area now known as Baltia an active area of micronations.

Old Baltian micronations

The nations (also known as Old Known micronations) are the micronations which died out and caused the Silent era, (bold indicate Old Known Micronation):

  • The Clan
  • Zagoria
  • Chivaliers
  • Aramisia

New Baltian nations

These are micronations which were formed after the Kaznian rebirth and gave way for a new, more active Baltia for another time (Cheslovia not included because it never died out):

One of the most active eras of Baltia with its nations was during the year 2006, in the time of the Kaznian Empire.