Shinmyonese Civil War

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Shinmyonese Civil War
(Imperial Resturation War)
Date19 October 2014-ongoing
Result Ongoing
Yoko flag.png Imperial State in exile
Flag of PR Beiwan.png Beiwan
Empire of Sany Flag.png Sanyo
Republican flag.png Republic of Shinmyo
Commanders and leaders
Yoko flag.png Empress Haruna
Yoko flag.png Aguri Taisho
Flag of PR Beiwan.png Barbara Zhang
Empire of Sany Flag.png Emperor Techan
Republican flag.png Taikan Soku
Republican flag.png Akito Kanazwa
51 44

The Shinmyonese Civil War also known as the Imperial Resturation War, is an ongoing armed conflict taking place in Shinmyo. The unrest began when the nationalist government declared war on Beiwan


Emperess Haruna was forced to abdicate by Regent Taikan Soku, a letter was sent to the Imperial Government. Taikan decided to make the Emperor abdicate in order for him to dictate the republic. Haruna decided to leave Shinmyo and go in exile in Spain,The members of the Imperial Political Assistaction thought of an idea to build a dynasty in exile naming it the Imperial Government in Exile

War with Beiwan

Soku, declared the war on Beiwan due the fact Beiwan was communist and Shinmyo was nationalist Taikan said in an interview 'we will do what China have failed in: Destroying communism' However. Beiwan don't responded to this war declaration

Imperial Uprising

According the exiled monarchy, Shinmyo is destroyed Haruna led her army to attack Koya and the west of the republics capital Taikyo from two directions (North and West). However it failed and get control on Koya and various skirmishes