Shackleton, New Swabia

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Country Federated States
State New Swabia
Borough Queen Maud
Founded 12009

Government Mayor-council, socialist commune
Mayor TBD

– Total 90 sq mi (225 km2)

Elevation TBD

– Citizens 1
– Residence TBA
– Potential 17,000
– Density ?

Time zone Alpha Time Zone (UTC+1)

Shackleton is the name of the proposed capital city of the state of New Swabia. It is located on a fairly sizable oasis in Queen Maud Land, approximately 50 miles south of the Schimacher Oasis, home to several Russian, German, and Indian research facilities.

Concept and Design

A concept design of Shackleton, using the skyline of Phoenix as the model.

Shackleton is envisioned as a remote outpost in what could be called the "wild west" of Antarctica. It lies in a region that is virtually inaccessible by sea, despite the fact that the proposed town site is only 150 miles from the shore of the Indian Ocean.

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