New Swabia

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State of New Swabia
Flag of New Swabia.png
Location of New Swabia (red) in the Federated States of Antarctica.

Capital Shackleton

Official languages English

Demonym New Swabian

Religion Atheism

Provisional Governor TBD
Estimated Representation 10 Senators (2 at-large, 8 apportioned)

Established January 25, 2009

– Claimed 1,676 sq mi
(2,697 km2)

(Slightly smaller than Delaware) Rank 4th

– Total ~1,200,000 sq mi
(~3,000,000 km2)

Rank 2nd

– Citizens 0
– Residence TBA
– Potential 100,000

Time zone (UTC -2 to +2)

Postal code NS, AA-NS

New Swabia (pronounced "New SWAY-bee-a") is a proposed state belonging to the Federated States of Antarctica. It consists of an enclave on a rock outcropping in the coastal mountain range of Queen Maud Land. The name "New Swabia" comes from the name of a proposed German Antarctic claim and is used in favor of "Queen Maud Land" to prevent confusion with the name of the Norwegian territorial claim in the same geographic area. Since any unoccupied area south of the 60th parallel is a potential site for future Federation settlements, all potential future enclaves located between 37.5° West and 37.5° East longitude and north of 82.5° South latitude would be part of the state.

Shackleton is the only currently proposed settlement in New Swabia.

Other micronations

The only micronation active in the New Swabia region besides the Federated States is Keep Watch, an ally of the Federation.

Cities and Towns

A listing of proposed settlements in New Swabia:

Filchner-Ronne Borough
Neuschwabenland Borough
  • Alamogordo*
  • Mountainaire
Queen Maud Borough
Tor Municipality
  • Tor*
Troll Municipality
  • Troll*
Untersee Borough
  • Untersee*
  • Schirmacher
Vail Municipality
  • Vail*
Yomato Municipality
  • Yomato*

(*) indicates borough seat

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