Seybold Almighty

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Seybold Almighty
National Anthem ofSeybold Flag.jpeg Seybold
LyricsCooper Norfolk, 2018
Adopted21 September 2018

Seybold Almighty is the adopted National Anthem of the Democratic Republic of Seybold


On 21 September 2018, President Cooper Norfolk of the Democratic Republic of Seybold created the Seybold National Anthem. This was announced by him in New Springfield at 8:30 A.M. UTC-5. He seemed to be very excited about the national anthem and was happy to be presenting it. The Seybold National Anthem is called “Seybold Almighty”. It is only sung and has no instruments in the background. President Cooper Norfolk supposedly created the song when he saw the micronation’s independence movement being critized by some Americans that lived near the Democratic Republic of Seybold. He made the song to subtlety fight back the Americans who critized the micronation.

National Anthem

Almighty, Thou alone,

Hast made Seybold prosper.

Glad (Joyous) Seybold! may your altar

Never be trampled by the tormentor

Nor may tyrants spit upon your face

Fear not, the crimson banner that proudly ripples in this glorious dawn, shall not fade,

Before the last fiery hearth that is ablaze within my homeland is extinguished.

Our blood which we shed for you might not be worthy otherwise;

For freedom is the absolute right of my non-worshipping nation.

Proud and famous,

Land of ancestors,

You shall live in our hearts,


Eternity's flow'r, with its homage of tears,

That reverently passes away.

The humiliated, the humiliated,

The humiliated neck raised up,

The humiliated neck raised up, neck raised up...

With our gifts of mind and strength of arm,

Whether night or day, in the midst of storm,

In every need, whate'er the call may be,

To serve thee, Seybold, now and evermore.