Senate of the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia

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Senate of the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia
Chairman of the SenateOffice Vacant
Voting systemSingle transferable vote
Last electionNone
Next election2018

The Senate is the legislative branch of the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia. It is made up of 2 Senators for every 10,000 people, who form Senatorial Districts. The next election is in January 2019.


Acts of the Senate

The Senate may pass Acts of the Senate as described in the Constitution. They must reach at least 51% of the votes and approval from the President, or 67% of the votes in the Senate to be passed. The Constitution outlines that they can

  • Establish, change, or remove taxes on goods within the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia
  • Declare a State of War with another Nation.
  • Distribute and regulate the money collected by taxes to other portions of the Government.
  • Make Rules that govern the operations of the Senate
  • Regulate the Treasury of the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia, including printing and coining money.
  • Provide for the organization and funding for a Military
  • Create any law deemed necessary for the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia.
  • Overrule regulations established by the Executive Branch.
  • Repeal or modify previous Acts of the Senate.
  • Confirm appointments to Executive Offices.
  • Ratify treaties with other Nations.
  • Not have a basis on untruths and may not contradict accepted fact and scientific theory.
  • Not Amend or overrule the Constitution.

Amendments to the Constitution

The Senate may amend the Constitution, during a Constitutional Convention, with a vote of at least 67%. A Constitutional Convention may be started by

  • A vote of at least 67% of the Senate
  • A petition of at least 5% of the people of DR Tūrnia, and approval of any senator

Acts of Impeachment

The Senate may pass Acts of Impeachment, which may remove an Executive Officer or President for gross misconduct, treason, espionage, or other high crimes.


The Senate currently has 0 members and 3 seats open.