Senate of Savigno

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Senate of Savigno
TypeUnicameral legislature
DogeAlberto Brunetti, Brunetti family
since 20 January 2004
CouncillmanLuigi Giovanni, Giovanni Family
since 21 January 2004
Members5 Representatives, including the Doge and the Councillman
Last election19 November 2013
For the Prime Minister
19 November 2013
For Representatives

The Senate of the Republic of Savigno is the law-making branch of the government of the Republic of Savigno . It is a unicameral legislature, and presided over by the Doge and, , the Councillman

A Representative is elected by each Family in the Republic . The Councilliman elected by the people of the entire Republic out of Representatives endorsed by the Monarch in a General Election - the next must be held on or before 20 January 2015 All elections use the first-past-the-post system, and there are no limits on how many consecutive terms the Doge or a Councillman can serve.

Although Parliament was de facto established by the 1998 after the revoluition, Before the revoluition the Doge had absolute power