Semper Ante

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"Semper Ante" (en.:Always Ahead,gr:Παντα Μπροστα),is the official motto of the Republic of Saint Christopher.


The motto symbolises the willing of the St Christophorian people to move forward,towards the future,both in personal and national level.



In the times of the ASR of 7th High School,there was no official motto,but unofficialy was used in latin,the motto:"We are free to quench and rewrite our future".That was kept until the fall of the ASR.
 When the Principality of Quintarea was proclaimed,a new motto was used in Greek that time:"Freedom,Strength,Unity" (Ελευθερια,Θαρρος,Ενοτητα),which was inspired by the french motto "Liberte,Egalite,Fraternite".
 After the Kingdom of Saint Christopher declared independence,the nation adopted the current motto:"Semper Ante".It is not well known but a second,unofficial motto was used:"The Crown,the King,the Country" (Το Στεμμα,ο Βασιλευς,η Χωρα),and it was considered the Royal motto.After the Great Revolution,the new Government under General Triantafyllos decided to keep the motto.During the short-lived coup d'etat of the National Socialist Party of Saint Christopher,the motto "One Country,one Nation,one Leader" (Μια Χωρα,ενα Εθνος,ενας Αρχηγος),was used.After the fall of the regime,the current motto appeared again.